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About Us

We are a fit, active, trustworthy couple in our late fifties.  Ex-RAF Officer and Company Director wife, married for nearly 40 years with no children.  


Flexible, adaptable and reliable, we are perfectly placed to house sit your Hertfordshire home and pet sit your pets as if they are our own.

Brian Moore House sitting & pet sitting services
Brian Moore
Lynn Moore House sitting and pet sitting services
Lynn Moore

We are a friendly, cheerful, capable couple who have been happily married for nearly forty years.  Keen animal lovers, especially dogs & cats, we’ve had an RSPCA ‘Heinz 57’ rescue dog called Tessie, a West Highland White Terrier called Sophie and a Golden Cocker Spaniel called Laura but have also had many dogs stay with us while their owners were away on holiday and have looked after cats for neighbours while they are away.  We currently ‘dog sit’ my brother’s two spaniels and a friend's spaniel whenever they go away but have looked after a dozen or so other dogs while their owners are on holiday.  We love walking which works well for dog sitting, and long term house sitting with pet care assignments would suit us perfectly.  


I also had two rescue cats and two rabbits while growing up, including a one-eyed cat called Nelson, and we regularly look after our neighbours' cat while they visit their holiday home in Majorca.  Both having looked after budgerigars and goldfish as children, we have a fairly broad experience of general pet care and a great fondness for all animals.  Recently, we have cared for two cats, one in Surrey and one in Lancashire, numerous dogs, fish, a rabbit, chickens, ducks and geese.  Some of these house sits and pet sitting assignments have been long term but most are for holiday cover.


In recent years, we have been spending the UK winters at our Florida holiday home but the growth of our online gift shop means it is becoming increasingly difficult to get away and we now need to spend most of the year in the UK. However, we can work from anywhere in Hertfordshire that has decent wi-fi so house and/or dog, cat or pet sitting offers the significant added benefit of giving us the opportunity to look after someone’s house and/or pet, as if they are our own.

We have considerable experience of home ownership and renting properties both in the UK and abroad, and have also leased commercial premises in the UK.  Our previous business experience of running our own restaurant, building up a chain of six specialist perfumery stores, setting up a training company and, more recently, developing online businesses means we are capable, adaptable, well used to responsibility, problem solving and decision making. We are honest, conscientious and take our responsibilities extremely seriously.


As children, we both always had dogs in the family and have owned dogs ourselves for most of our married life, as well as looking after numerous other dogs during that time.  Along the way, we have also looked after cats, rabbits, tortoises, fish and birds, as well as hens, geese and ducks.  


Our recent house and pet sitting assignments have been in Cornwall looking after a restored water mill and lovable Pointer puppy, as well as hens, ducks and geese, in Cheltenham looking after a beautiful Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu mix, in Surrey looking after a cat called Moet, in Lancashire looking after a cat called George, in Somerset looking after a Wheaten Terrier called Paddy, the Chiltern Hills looking after two mixed breed dogs and 5 chickens and currently in Hampshire looking after a Border Collie and a rabbit.  Next we are off to look after a Dalmation and a cat in Colchester, then back to Cornwall for a month to look after the Pointer puppy again, plus the hens, ducks and geese.


We are a fit, healthy, non-smoking couple, love walking and are regular tennis players.  We would be more than happy to undertake long term or short term house sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting or pet sitting for holiday cover in Hertfordshire.

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