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Dog, Cat & Pet Sitting

Dog Sitting - Hertfordshire

Using experienced, capable, dog-lovers for dog sitting while you are away is a far better option for your dogs than kennelling them.  Some dogs can be traumatised by kennels and suffer separation anxiety and it is difficult for kennels to provide the 'one on one' love, care and attention that can be provided by dog sitters.  As experienced dog sitters, Brian & Lynn can maintain your feeding and exercise regime, reinforce any training points you are working on with your dog, as well as giving them care, companionship, love and affection.


Dogs are much happier staying on their own territory with familiar surroundings, familiar scents and being able to keep to their normal routine. Owners enjoy their trips away or holidays much more when coming back to a happy and contented dog.


Brian & Lynn have owned or undertaken dog sitting for over a dozen different cross breeds and rescue dogs with issues, plus breeds like the West Highland White Terrier, Cocker & Springer Spaniels, Labrador, Belgian Shepherd, Wheaten Terrier, Bichon Frise, Pointer, Staffies and many more.

Cat Sitting - Hertfordshire

Cats are particularly territorial and don't react well to be taken from their owners and put in strange environments but they're very comfortable left at home providing feeding and other routines are kept.


Having adopted and brought up a one-eyed cat, predictably called Nelson, Brian has seen at first hand how cats can be perfectly happy in a home where dogs are also present - though generally the cat is very much 'top dog'.


Brian & Lynn have fed and looked after many neighbours' and friends' cats while they are away on holiday, some for many years and whilst this is better than having the cats in a cattery, the cats do still crave company and most like to 'talk' to you when you visit. So, though cats like to do things on their own terms, they do still need human company for comfort and interaction.


Recent cat sitting assignments include a month in Surrey looking after a cat with more than a little sparkle called Moet and 3 weeks in Lancashire looking after gorgeous George.

Petsitting - Hertfordshire

Many pets or small farm animals cannot be moved and having a house sitter and pet sitter is absolutely necessary for the homeowners to be able to get away.


Brian & Lynn have looked after rabbits, tortoises and goldfish (both indoors and outdoors in ponds).


In addition, they have looked after free-range geese, ducks and chickens who needed letting out of their enclosures in the morning, feeding morning and evening, fresh water replenishing and returning to their enclosures in the evening.  Setting an electric fence to protect the poultry from foxes and keeping the pond inlets and outlets clear of debris and unblocked was also required. The extra time this took was more than made up for by the glorious free eggs provided in return.


Equipped with details such as feeding amounts and frequency of feeds, most pets can be properly cared for by pet sitters in the owner's absence.


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