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Housesitting - Long Term or Short Term House Sitters

House Maintenance, Cleaning & Laundry
Lynn is something of a cleaning fanatic and will ensure your Hertfordshire home is as clean or cleaner than when you left.  Mail will be collected,  bulbs & fuses will be replaced if blown and indoor plants watered.  Time allowing, all bedding and towels will laundered prior to the homeowner's return.  Fresh milk, bread and other basic provisions will be provided for the homeowner's return.
Sally - "My house has never looked cleaner or tidier and all the towels & bedlinen had been washed."

Jayne - "The house was immaculate on our return, probably in a far better state than when we left it!"


Karen - "They look after the house as if it’s their own. Many times it has been tidier and cleaner when we’ve come home than it was when we went away!"

Basic Garden Maintenance

House sitters mowing lawns and performing basic weeding while the homeowner is absent enables the gardens and grounds to be well maintained, even if, as in the photo, the lawn is massive!!!


Keeping weeds controlled on patio and driveways helps maintain the outward appearance of the property, and putting out dustbins and recyclables shows the home is occuppied.


If needed, looking after, feeding and watering geese, ducks & chickens and making sure they are safely secured each night is all part of the job.  So, is eating the lovely fresh eggs... :-)


Having a car in the drive, people coming and going, lights on & off and curtains being drawn makes a property far more secure.



Karen - 'Brian also makes sure the lawns are mowed in the summer so that the whole property looks presentable.'

Electrical problems, plumbing problems or other home maintenance issues are better nipped in the bud.  The damage a leaking water pipe, gas pipe or overflowing cistern can cause in even a couple of weeks is significant and no homeowner wants to return to find extensive damage to their precious home.
Self-reliant, capable house sitters can take immediate action to remedy a problem before it escalates and communicate with the homeowners to resolve issues.  Provided homeowners can be contacted, house sitters can arrange for tradesmen to fix any problems that may arise while the homeowner is away.  Coming home to a problem solved is great, and coming home to a home that looks as good as when you left is the perfect end to any holiday or trip abroad.  For more detail please see our advice for home owners page.
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