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Guide for Homeowners - Information to Provide for House & Pet Sitters

To ensure a house sitting and pet sitting assignment goes smoothly, it is helpful if homeowners provide some basic information for their house sitters.  Providing the correct information will enable house sitters to deal more effectively with any issues that may arise and also reduces the prospect of homeowners having their holiday interrupted to deal with problems at home.


Feeding schedule - Times and amounts of food required

Ensure sufficient food in place to cover duration of absence.

Feeding Rules - Treats: how many and how often - Titbits: Allowed any human food or not


Exercise Schedule:

Frequency and length of walk

Play sessions

Regular walking routes for dogs



What is required and how often



How medicine is administered and how often. 

Where is medication stored

Location of medical records including vaccinations


Pet Equipment:

Location of beds, bowls, leads, towels, shampoo, spare bedding, food, crates


Local Vets:

Address and telephone number of vets

Is vet aware you are away and pet sitting arrangement

Arrangement in place for payment at vets if pet needs treatment


Behavioural Traits:

Any specific behaviours to look out for. 

Any training points that require maintenance or reinforcement by house sitters


Pet Access:

Guidance on areas to which pet is denied access i.e. upstairs or not allowed on furniture

Information on Pets

It is helpful for house sitters to have some basic information about the home in which they will housesitting and some of the most useful information is detailed below:



Location of stopcock in case of leaking pipes

Location of fusebox, spare bulbs and fuses

Refuse and Recycling: Collection days and details of items that can be recycled

How to operate the heating system

Lock up procedures and setting of burglar alarm if appropriate

House keys for sitters

Operation of TV

Wireless internet password

Instructions on care of house plants

Contact information for homeowners

Contact details of any tradesmen the homeowner regularly uses i.e. plumber, electrician

Contact details and schedule of regular visitors i.e. cleaner, gardener

Advice on whether house sitters should answer the house telephone when it rings

Advice of whether house sitters should check answerphone for messages and respond



Location and operation of lawnmower

Location of outside tap & garden hose

Home & Garden

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