How much does house sitting and pet sitting cost? About the same as kenneling one dog.

House Sitting and Pet Sitting for a One Pet for a Single Day

£30 per day - £40 per day at weekends

Pet Feeding & 'Let Out' Service

from £10 per visit

House Sitting and Pet Sitting at Owner's Home While Owners are Away

£20 per day/part day for 1 pet, fees for extra pets by negotiation

Please do enquire if you require long term house sitting or pet sitting services

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Have your house, garden and pets looked after for less than the cost of kenneling one dog per day



  • Having a car in and out of the drive makes the home look occupied and improves home security

  • Having a dog in residence rather than kennels improves home security

  • Dustbins put out and brought back in makes the home look occupied and improves home security

  • Curtains being opened and closed makes the home look occupied and improves home security

  • Lights switched on during the evening and night makes the home look occupied and improves home security

  • Post being collected from letterbox makes the home look occupied and improves home security

  • Washing on the washing line makes the home look occupied and improves home security


Relaxing, Peaceful Return Home:


  • Emergencies such as leaking pipes will have been prevented or dealt with

  • Other home maintenance issues, electrical or otherwise can be resolved during owners’ absence if required

  • House being cleaned before homeowners return makes return home more relaxing

  • Essential provisions can save an immediate shopping trip on return home

  • Lawn mowing being kept on top of ensures homeowners do not return to long job list


Pet Issues:


  • Pet updates available if required while on holiday – Photos of walks etc.

  • Guilt-free return home to dog or cat happy in its home environment

  • Comfort of knowing pet has been exercised regularly, fed regularly, loved and cared for in owners’ absence

  • No journey to make to kennels or cattery to collect pets

  • Pets still in their original routine and do not have to re-adapt from kennel or cattery routines

  • Pets fed their own food and properly exercised

Benefits for Homeowners







  • House cleaning: Vacuuming, dusting, floors mopped and bathrooms cleaned

  • Bedding/Towels laundered and bed remade provided time available before owners’ return

  • Indoor plants watered

  • Mail collected

  • Refuse and Recycling put out and bins returned to house

  • Blown bulbs & fuses replaced

  • Homecoming meal prepared for homeowners (will need reheating)

  • Basic provisions put in for homeowners return (milk, bread etc.)




  • Lawn mowing on regular basis, dependant on lawn size (weather dependent)

  • Plants watered and fed as required




  • Dogs walked twice a day

  • Pets fed and watered as required

  • Medication (pills and potions) administered (non-injection medication only)

  • Vet visits

  • Groomer visits

  • Pet training regime maintained

  • Basic pet grooming

  • Unlimited love and affection lavished on pets

Services Offered - What is Included in the Price?
Benefits to Homeowner

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