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Why use a Hertfordshire House Sitter?


Statistically it is far safer for a home to be occupied rather than empty.  Homeowners going away for a lengthy period of time can find their home uninsured as home insurance often becomes invalid if a home is left empty for over 30 days.  Insurance companies realise it quickly becomes apparent when a home is left empty.  Curtains permanently drawn open or closed, no lights on in the evening, grass not cut, build up of mail just inside the letterbox, dustbins not put out on collection day and many other clues all point to the home being unoccupied and thereby attracts burglars or, even worse, squatters.  Having trustworthy, capable house sitters in your Hertfordshire home will make it safer.


Insurance companies worry about the level of damage that occurs when a problem arises in an unoccupied home.  Leaking pipes occur only rarely in occupied homes and generally cause little damage when a home is lived in.  However, unoccupied homes are more likely to suffer burst pipes, and a pipe leaking for many days can cause catastrophic damage, hence the insurance company general clause that homes should not be left unoccupied for more than 30 days.  Having mature, experienced long term house sitters or having house sitters present for holiday cover in your Hertfordshire home gives great peace of mind.


Garden maintenance is also an issue. Nobody wants to return home to a jungle, and even having the grass cut regularly makes a huge difference to the appearance of a home and makes it look lived in.  Prized indoor and outdoor plants need regular watering to survive, and periodic weeding of the flower beds helps maintain their attractiveness.  Using caring, conscientous Hertfordshire  house sitters can make coming home a pleasure not a trial.

House sitting and dog sitting in Somerset
Why use a Hertfordshire Dog Sitter, Cat Sitter or Pet Sitter?


Dogs, cats and other pets are far more comfortable and far happier if able to stay in their own environment.  Familiar sights, familiar surroundings and familiar scents are infinitely preferrable to uprooting animals and putting them in kennels/catteries or another location away from their home.  A dedicated, properly briefed Hertfordshire house sitter used to dog sitting, cat sitting or pet sitting can strictly maintain a pet's feeding routine, exercise routine or behaviour routine. Pets crave companionship and short walks once or twice a day in kennels are no substitute for human interaction and proper exercise.  As experienced house sitters with lots of expertise looking after dogs, cats and other pets, we can ensure your much-loved pet gets the best possible care while you are away.  Hertfordshire has wonderful dog walking areas and our Range Rover is perfect for taking dogs on walks further afield, and we are fit, active and also enjoy walking dogs on leads in their local area, taking particular care to clean up after any dog for which we are responsible.  


We are happy to take pets to the vet if needed, administer pills, creams or other medication that pets may need, as well as maintain any owner-established routines and behaviour including feeding rituals and training issues.  We are happy to groom pets, bathe them when necessary, fuss them, talk to them and walk with them.  Having trustworthy, reliable, Hertfordshire dog sitters, cat sitters and pet sitters saves a fortune on expensive kennels fees, and allows owners to take guilt-free trips or holidays knowing their much-loved pets are happy and well cared for.

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